Coffee Culture

The emergence of boutique coffee providers, demand for a different social atmosphere and a genuine love for this legal drug are all factors in Australia becoming a market leader this global industry.

By market leader I do not necessarily mean revenue, volume, import / export etc. What I mean is we do coffee better than anyone.

A recent trip to Europe on business and leisure was a great opportunity to test coffee all over Europe. Quite frankly I was bitterly disappointed to say the least.

Coffee is a very popular commodity in Europe, however the quality of barista and the manner in which coffee is served is very poor. I believe there is a massive market opportunity in the region at the moment but that’s another story.

Put simply, we are light years ahead of them. So my question is, who will reinvent the wheel and deliver an innovative coffee solution / alternative in Australia? Will we become content or will we ask for more?

Greed is deeply embedded in human nature and once we get something we tend to want more. I think that demand will be the game changer and will result in this countries next coffee revolution.

I would love to hear thoughts on this subject matter as I think it is very relevant at the current time. 

Do you drink coffee for social purposes, caffeine, taste or something else?

What do you foresee as the next big thing?

Until next time.


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